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By automaticap84127039, Feb 16 2017 11:26PM

Laundry Room Appliance Maintenance

Washing machines and dryers are making an appearance in more and more homes. Just like kitchen appliances, maintenance, and proper care will be a factor in the efficiency and performance of your laundry machines. If the hoses in your washing machine are old, consider replacing them with the tougher metal hoses. If your washing machine rattles when it runs, it may need leveling. For most items, lowering the water temperature to warm wash and cold rinse will get your clothes clean and reduce your energy bills. Clean the lint trap before you use your dryer; this will prevent a fire hazard, save you energy, and make your clothes dry faster. Regardless of what kind of exhaust tubing you have, invest in cleaning the outside vent once a year and make sure it opens when the dryer is on and closes properly when the dryer is off. And remember, don’t let lint and debris accumulate under a dryer or it can become a fire hazard! And as always if you need our services or have concerns feel free to call us @ 315-699-8412

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