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By automaticap84127039, Mar 13 2016 06:15PM

Spring officially begins on March 20th, Syracuse, NY which means that it’s time to start spring cleaning!! The first place I hit when I start my spring cleaning is the refrigerator, because let’s face it, an organized refrigerator makes life a lot easier and less food gets spoiled in the back.

Whether your refrigerator needs a deep clean or just a quick rearranging, we have the most helpful refrigerator organization tips to get you where you need to be.

The Most Helpful Refrigerator Organization Tips

•Clean Out Old Products and Clean Inside

A clean refrigerator is the best way to begin the organization process. Start by removing everything from the refrigerator. Discard items that are expired or that will never be used, and place items you want to keep on the counter.

Once the refrigerator is empty, remove shelves & drawers. Clean them with a mild detergent and warm water. Set them in an open dishwasher or drying rack to air dry while you clean the interior.

Next, wipe down the interior of the refrigerator with a mild detergent and warm rag. When the inside is sparkling clean, reassemble the shelves and drawers. Now you’re ready to start organizing!

•Install Refrigerator Mats

Now that your refrigerator is sparkly clean, prevent more mess by adding refrigerator mats to your shelves and drawers. You can purchase a silicon, anti-bacterial mat right here or you can make your own DIY refrigerator mat. Making your own mat is super easy and cheap: all you need is Glad Press N Seal . Just add it to your shelves and drawers!

refrigerator organization tips

•Smart Storage

Want to make more room in your refrigerator and also leave a smaller footprint on the environment? Avoid using disposable plastic storage bags, and instead purchase reusable storage containers. This is a great way to organize your food so you can see what you have!

If you want to take refrigerator organization to the next level, purchase refrigerator storage bins. This kind of organization will allow you to make the most of your refrigerator by eliminating the stress of rummaging through to figure out what’s in there

Clear Refrigerator Storage Bins

Fridge And Freezer Storage Bin

•Not EVERYTHING Needs to be Refrigerated

If you keep tomatoes in your refrigerator their texture changes, so take those out and store them in a basket on your counter. You also don’t need to refrigerate potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, avocados, or melons. If any of these are taking up space in your refrigerator, we give you full permission to store them elsewhere.

If you follow even just a few of these tips, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, more organized refrigerator that will make you and your family’s life easier. Don’t lose the motivation to keep your refrigerator looking this good and maintain it with these easy steps.

•Clean out old food at least once a week.

•Wipe up spills or replace the refrigerator mats.

•Periodically, check your refrigerator’s temperature for optimal freshness.

•Keep an open box of baking soda in the back to absorb smells.

And as always if you need our Appliance Repair Services Syracuse, NY feel free to call or email and we will be there to Help 315-699-8274

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